Official Website of Sri Venkatramana Temple, Karkala

At 8`O clock again Naivedyam is offered with Mangalaarthi.

Once Mangalaaarthi gets over night Utsava is offered, this is usually an outing to the town except on Amavasya and Ekadashi. Once Utsava returns to temple there are five rounds inside,first one is Vaadhya Suttu(Instrumental), second and third are Rigveda and Yajurveda Suttu, fourth one Sangeeta Suttu (By Bhagvath family) and last one being Sarva Vaadya Suttu. After the utsav ends with Vasantha Puja (Lord is given Uyyale seva with recitals of shlokhas) deities are put to sleep which is known as Ekaantha Seva.