Official Website of Sri Venkatramana Temple, Karkala

Rites & Rituals


Nov 13

06:00 AM

As Sri venkataramana temple is related to Tirumala it follows the same rituals as in Tirupathi Temple. In the morning at 6:00AM (in some cases it is 5:30 am during ‘Ashwija Masa’) the temple doors are opened with Dwara Pooja and Suprabhatam. Dwara Pooja is performed for Godess Laxmi

Nov 13

06:30 AM

Suprabhatam is a special shlokha recited to wake up the Lord from his sleeps. Then after the end of Suprabhatam Nirmala Visarjana (removal of old flowers and decoration of new ones to deities) is performed with Ganji Naivedyam(Pejje Naivedyam in Konkani-serving of rice and rice item foods, including Navaneetham-mixture of butter, til and sugar) at about 6:30 am.

Nov 13

10:00 AM

At 10:00 am Panchaamrutha abhishekha is performed for the Saligrama. Panchaamrutha abhishekha here is a typical one as performed in Tirupathi. In Tirumala this is performed on Lord Venkateshwara’s Saligrama Stone Statue and to honour the same here it is performed on the Saligrama.

Nov 13

12:00 PM

In the afternoon at 12:00 pm Naivedyam is performed wherein several items are served for the lord in a huge plate and utensil made out of copper(Harivana Naivedyam) . Once the Naivedya is over little bit of rice is served in small utensils and is kept in front of Parivar Devas while one is offered to Sree Veeramaruthi Temple.

Nov 13

01:00 PM

After this Maha Puja is performed at 1:00 pm, this is called here as Raajopchaara Pooja. The temple doors are closed after this for Vishrama Seva.

Nov 13

06:00 PM

Late in the evening at about 6:00 pm, temple doors are again opened with lighting of oil lamps(Deeparadanam). A special shlokha is sung called as Deevtige Salaam Shlokham.

Nov 13

06:30 PM

At 6:30PM people from all over the town come to temple to sing Bhajans and this goes on until 8:00 pm.

Nov 13

08:00 PM

At 8`O clock again Naivedyam is offered with Mangalaarthi. Once Mangalaaarthi gets over night Utsava is offered, this is usually an outing to the town except on Amavasya and Ekadashi. Once Utsava returns to temple there are five rounds inside,first one is Vaadhya Suttu(Instrumental), second and third are Rigveda and Yajurveda Suttu, fourth one Sangeeta Suttu (By Bhagvath family) and last one being Sarva Vaadya Suttu. After the utsav ends with Vasantha Puja (Lord is given Uyyale seva with recitals of shlokhas) deities are put to sleep which is known as Ekaantha Seva.